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Connecting with people is one of the greatest joys of my life. I love spending time with friends, family and new people that I meet. Additionally, I love nature and everything outdoors. No wonder some of my favorite pictures are in natural settings. Creativity for me is the fuel that expands my skills in photography and apart from doing what I love, I can also get lost in wood working. Yes. I can also make cabinets or anything that is made of wood. So, if you don’t need a photographer and want to expand your kitchen, you can also call me. Ok. Just kidding on that.

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I know that being in front of the camera can be a little intimidating, many times we can get anxious or fearful, but don’t worry, we can make all that go away. Once the camera starts clicking, the magic begins. I will work with the natural surroundings that best enhances your true self. We will work to make you feel comfortable and best of all to have fun and enjoy the photo session. As time progresses during the shoot, you will want to do more, we will listen and implement your creativity into our style. We will find what makes you feel more comfortable and take that direction into the photoshoot. I know that working together we will create amazing portraits that best reflects your personality.

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Maria has collaborated with me since the beginning of Bremauntz Photography. Her studies at Sonoma State as a photojournalist have brought a unique perspective to the craft of photography, not only does she know all the technical aspects but her touch and creativity shows when our clients see the end result. Responsible and ready to handle any situation, no matter how challenging they are, she is always resourceful and willing to go above and beyond. No doubt, partnering with Maria was one of the best decisions I have made for the business.



Alin has partnered with me since the start of Bremauntz Photography. Being my sister and a mother of two beautiful kids, she is the one that brings calm to the team. Her innate and authentic way of caring for people is so appreciated by us and our clients. With 8 years of experience as our Videographer and Editor, her unique approach to videography seamlessly integrates with the photographic style of Bremauntz Photography. One of the compliments we regularly receive from our clients, especially brides, is how helpful, patient and attentive to details Alin is.